Holden Beach NC

During a solo surf trip to Holden ran into these very animated characters that had taken a bike frame and flipped it upside down, welded the seat on and extended the forks and handlebars, apparently it always takes two to mount this tall fun machine. i thought the trip was fairly mundane as I didn’t catch many waves or have anyone i knew there, but then this opportunity presented itself to take photographs of these fine, fully committed mullet wearing individuals. I normally stick to the corporate headshots, but I hadn’t done an environmental headshot in a long time. I’m so glad that I hadn’t wasted the last few shots on this roll on taking photos of the ground. I love personal projects of headshot of strange folks doing extrodinary things, and just being out in the North carolina sunshine. I love it. I pray I see 100 more people like this. 

signing off. 

Myrtle Beach Protest for Black Lives Matter

I’ve been attending as many of the Black lives matter assembly’s. I think it’s important to document this event as a local as I can, Its history happening right now. The few I have been to have ranged in attendance and location, but the cause is all the same, to end systemic discrimination immediately. There is much opposition that says because the civil rights bills passed that it doesn’t exist, but it’s apparent that these huge gatherings prove otherwise…. mind you they are also happening during the worlds biggest pandemic since the spanish flu.  

The first amendment has been exercised to protest the violent measures used to violate citizens sixth amendment right, and thats breaking it down to the most simple way. 

More than anything i see when I attend is the unity, the healing and the use of our voices to come together and sing a unified song. I hear lots of older folks saying they used to say “no justice, no peace” during the marches for rodney king and other awful things that happened in the 90’s. I think most of these images speak for themselves. 

please feel free to reach out, discuss, and share if you’d like.

Explore: Alaska

So I’m going to try to do something new, I’m going to try to type exactly how I talk.

I was in south eastern part of Alaska (started in anchorage, went to the matanuska glacier, then on to valdez) I went to take phots of a lodge that’s probably the greatest bed and breakfast in the world.

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